Enable strategy:

To enable a strategy open the specific strategy and click the Enable button. Make sure that you are activating the strategy for the desired instrument and time-frame. You can review this on the header of the popup window.

Set the following parameters and click Activate:

  • Order volume (required),
  • Stop Loss (optional),
  • Take Profit (optional).

In the strategy settings, TP and SL are established without taking the commission for closing the position into consideration.

Change strategy status:

You can instantly change the strategy status by choosing the new status from the drop-down list of particular strategy in the running strategies list.Started - strategy opens and close deals

Stopped - strategy doesn't open new deals and doesn't close open deals.

Close only - strategy only closes it`s open deals.


To remove a running strategy click the cross icon in the running strategies list. 

Removing the strategy, the user can choose to close all strategy open deals or not.