Go to Editor tab on the top right corner of the strategy window and click "Add rule" and then click on any Indicator combo box. A popup will come up with all available indicators.

Select one of the category for the technical indicators: Trend, Oscillators, Volumes, Volatility. Then select the indicator you wish to apply. Most of indicators in the list are components of one technical indicator that are used on the chart. That’s because technical indicators have more than one value and strategy rules can compare only one value with the other.


To calculate the indicator`s value we need to know technical indicator parameters. These are the same parameters used to customize technical indicators on the financial chart.

Calculation of the indicator value in strategies on different bars.

A technical indicator value can be calculated not only for the current bar but for any bar in the past as well. Use “Bars” option to make appropriate calculation. For example, if Bars = 0 then a technical indicator value will be calculated for the current bar, if Bars = 1 – for the previous bar and so on. This way you can compare values of an indicator with the same parameters on different bars.


Lets check this option with Moving Average (SMA). We compare the same indicator with the same parameters on different bars. In the first SMA option Bars set to 10; in the second SMA option Bars set to 0. This means we compare indicator value on the current bar (Bars = 0) with indicator value 10 bars ago (Bars 10)

To edit Bars option click on Parameters and set Bars option.