New features of R Trader web terminal

Dear Clients and Partners,

The functionality of R Trader, a multi-asset web terminal with a free trading robot builder and the fastest charts in the industry, has been significantly updated and improved.

Assess all the benefits of the updated platform:

1 - Trading window appearance has changed – now it includes calculations of Take Profit and Stop Loss in pips and calculations of risk amount on your trade in the account currency in percentage. More detailed information on how to set new parameters can be found in here:

2 - Templates of layouts and technical analysis are now saved on the server. Thanks to this, clients with R Traders accounts can use the platform equally comfortably on all their devices.

3 - R Trader now offers more than 1,000 new instruments, including stocks of American, British, German, and Swiss companies.

4 - A new chart, Heiken Ashi, has been added to the list of existing charts.

5 - Watchlists now have a sorting feature, which can help to rank tickers in different parameters.

6 - In a free Strategy Builder embedded in the platform, you have an opportunity to export backtest results in CSV format.


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R Trader team

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