Terminal section description - Watchlists

1. The main window of the section - Watchlists

All the main functional blocks of the section are presented here:

- drop-down list of watchlists (Custom / Default watchlists)

- symbol list window

- search block by instrument

- settings and editing of watchlists

All of these sections will be discussed in detail below.

2. Drop-down list of watchlists - Custom / Default watchlists

This list consists of user-created watchlists (Custom watchlists) and system watchlists (Default watchlists).

Custom watchlists can be created, modified and deleted by the user.

The default watchlists are set by the system and cannot be deleted or changed by the user. 

3. Symbol list window

The tool window consists of a symbol list column and three user-configurable data columns.

Sorting alphabetically is available for the symbol list column.

The following values can be selected in the custom columns:

- Ask

- Bid

- Spread

- Last (Last Price)

- Change

- Change (%)

- Volume

Sorting in ascending or descending order of the values for the selected column is also available.

4. Search block by instrument

The search box in watchlists works identically to the search in charts:

- the "Magnifier" icon opens a search window for all available trading instruments

- entering text in the search field forms a list of found matches

5. Settings and editing of watchlists

When you click on the settings button, a list of settings opens with which you can perform the following actions:

- Create new watchlist - creates a new custom watchlist

- Save watchlist as - creates a copy of the current watchlist under a new name

- Rename watchlist - renames the current watchlist

- Import - opens a dialog box for importing custom watchlists

Import is possible in TXT and CSV formats.

The following spelling is accepted for download:

- (txt) each value on a new line without separating characters

- (txt) each value on a new line, separator ";"

- (txt) each value on a new line can be separated by ";" and without it (mix)

- (txt) list in one line, separator ";"

- (txt) list in one line, separator ";" and "space"

- (txt) list in one line, separator ","

- (txt) a list in one line with "commas" and "spaces"

- (csv) in one line with ";"

- (csv) in a column named Ticker:

- (csv) in a column without the name Ticker

- (csv) in one line, each instrument in a separate cell

Examples of import lists.

RESTRICTIONS: it is impossible to load or add more than 200 records to one watchlist.

- Delete - deletes user watchlist